LOST Rewatch

LOST Rewatch

Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity) and Patrick Klepek (Kotaku) rewatch one episode of LOST each week.

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    23. Exodus Part 2

    Max and Patrick talk to Doseone about his greatest creative work, the theme music for Rewatch podcast.

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    22. Exodus Part 1

    LOST superfan Patrick Rothfuss joins us to discuss mysteries vs. thrillers.

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    21. Born to Run

    There's a tiny, tiny dog in the studio.

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    19. Do No Harm

    We send editor Kara to Hawaii to get us some answers.

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    18. Deux Ex Machina

    Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs.

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    17. Numbers

    Max and Patrick are joined by Smash Mouth.

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    16. In Translation

    Patrick talks with Patrick Somerville about writing for The Leftovers and working with Damon Lindelof.

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    15. Outlaws

    Only two choices, shrimp in mild sauce, shrimp in hot sauce.

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    14. Homecoming

    Max and Patrick talk with composer Chris Tilton and learn how to pronounce "Giacchino."

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    13. Special

    Max and Patrick get chased by a polar bear.

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    9. Raised by Another

    Max and Robo-Patrick are joined by puzzle master Mike Selinker to talk about who took our babies.

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    8. Solitary

    Philosophy Bro talks Rousseau and we find a cable leading into the ocean.

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    7. Confidence Man

    Brian Brushwood joins us to talk about scams and cons. A mysterious package arrives for Patrick.

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    6. The Moth

    Hey son. Over here. I'm over here. At the Banyan trees.

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    4. White Rabbit

    Jana Kinsman is back to talk about whether she's hooked on LOST.

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    3. Walkabout

    Max and Patrick talk to Jeff Lieber about the original script for LOST.

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    2. Tabula Rasa

    This week Max and Patrick are joined by Harmonix's Eric Pope to talk about Tabula Rasa.

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    1. Pilot (Parts 1 & 2)

    This week Max and Patrick talk about Pilot (Parts 1 and 2). They're joined by Brent Knepper (not a nerd) and Jana Kinsman (who has never seen LOST).

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